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March 30, 2017  

NEW SHOW ALERT: The Conspiracy Guy – 3.29.17

The Conspiracy Guy #18: The Westminster Bridge Terror Attack displays all the signs of a classic "false flag": no evidence of actual victims, no CCTV camera coverage, knives bereft of blood, even the use of mannequins. The London Eye was held up for three hours so the police could grill those who had an exceptional view of what had transpired, taking their photos and films and issuing gag orders. A woman drove erratically in Washington, D.C., but does not appear to represent a terrorist threat, but there are signs the Secret Service is not giving the Presdient adequate protection. The House Intelligence Hearings on Russian involvement in the 2016 election are imploding, where evidence grows that there was no hacking by Russia or anyone else and more proof that Trump was under surveillance, including an admission by a former Obama official on "Morning Joe". A needless "pat down" by TSA of a 10-year-old wearing shorts and a t-shirt illustrates the abuse of its agents. As many as 25,000 un-vetted refugees may be secretly entering the US and given SS numbers and passports. The failure of the new health care bill may resurrect single-payer. Where the latest revelations about PizzaGate extend to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, who appears to have died during a group-sex event in which the 7-year old girl was reluctant to participate.

March 23, 2017  

We know that the "Russian intervention" theme has no basis in fact: (1) there was no contact with voting machines; (2) the "dossier" was fan-fiction that has historical foundation; and (3) there was no "hacking" of the DNC--in fact, the DNC refused to let the FBI access their servers, which makes sense only if they had not been hacked. The DNC desperately needed a cover story to conceal that their own IT guy, Seth Rich, has taken them to Craig Murray, who gave them to Julian Assange. No Russians involved. Pure poppycock. Perhaps even more significant, Larry Klaryman, founder of Freedom Watch and of Judical Watch, has disclosed that Dennis Montgomery, formerly a NSA and CIA contractor, took 47 hard drives and 600 million pages of information, much of which is classified, has been obtained by Dennis Montgomery, a federal whistleblower, includes proof of surveillance of the Chief Justice of the United States, Justices of the Supreme Court, 156 other judges and businessmen such as Donald Trump and even Larry Klayman. The Senate and House Committees were informed of this evidence two years ago and, up until now, have done nothing about it,. That is going to change. 

March 16, 2017  

The Conspiracy Guy #16: A series of developments in relation to the Middle East raise concerns that the neocons are firmly in control of the Trump foreign policy agenda, including saving two ISIS leaders traded in Mosul, a 432% increase in drone strikes, and the Pentagon's absurd declaration that Iran is "the greatest security threat in the Middle East" and warning signs that Donald's promise to end these foreign entanglements may not be the case. The ongoing Wikileaks revelations make the case for CIA surveillance of Trump and faking "Russian hacking" overwhelming, where even leading Democrats connected to the Senate Intelligence Committee admit they have no expectation of evidence that ties the Trump campaign to Russian interference. Even Noam Chomsky tweets, "World is Laughing at claims Russia Hacked Election". IWB (Investors Watch Blog) has published some 50 "fake news" stories on CNN alone, which confirms Wikileaks information about the mainstream media under the control of the CIA. The knowledge that the CIA can seize control of your vehicle and thereby commit a vehicular assassination sheds light on the death of Michael Hastings, who appears to have been among the first of its targets. Trump continues to shake up Washington, as a recent TIME magazine cover reflects. 

March 9, 2017  

The Conspiracy Guy #15: The Wikileaks release of documents about the capacities and practices of the CIA in infiltrating networks and spying on Americans, including the ability to falsify the sources of hacks (as having been done by Russians, for example), renders the CIA's claims that Russia hacked the DNC files an enormous joke! The unrelenting attacks upon President Trump for being "out of touch with reality" is contradicted by the revelation of a dozen instances of CIA spying on foreign leaders and American journalists, which puts the lie to the protestation by an Obama spokesman that Obama never conducted surveillance on an US citizen. The law, moreover, grants the power to initiate electronic surveillance without a court order by going through the Attorney General. It thus appears that Loretta Lynch was the party who, at the President's direction, allows the surveillance to be conducted on Donald J. Trump during the campaign and prior to election. Mark Levin has documented (from public sources) the history of the campaign against Trump, which now appears to be part-and-parcel of an effort to overthrow the government of the United States by means of a "soft coup". Whether or not it succeeds may well depend upon the speed and extent to which the new president is able to "drain the swamp" before he he overwhelmed by a completely unscrupulous media campaign, which confirms what William Colby, then its Director, explained to Congress, namely: that the agency owns everyone of significant in the mainstream media.

March 2, 2017  

he Conspiracy Guy #14: Donald Trumps first speech to Congress hit it out of the park. Even CNN had to acknowledge its tremendous positive reception by the public, with 57% reacting "very positive" and another 21% "somewhat positive", with only 21% "negative". His introduction of a program to assist victims of crime committed by immigrants was characterized as a recipe for "genocide", which is simply absurd. The news stories that his Chief of Staff had asked the FBI to shoot down stories about RussiaGate ignored that the Deputy Director of the FBI told Reince Priebus that reports in The New York Times were "complete bullshit". Attempts to portray Trump as "out of touch with reality" are refuted by case after case where he was right and the press was wrong, including terrorists mingling with refugees, the Obama "birther" issue, Rafael Cruz in Ne Orleans with Lee Harvey Oswald, fraudulent votes cast in the 2016 election, that Obamacare is costing twice as much for half as much, and the dramatic increase of rapes in Sweden caused by the influx of immigrants. More recent revelations confirm that PizzaGate has been a mechanism for controlling politicians through blackmail conducted by the CIA and the Mossad, whose power over Congress will be dramatically lessened as Trump moves forward to "drain the swamp".