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July 20, 2017  

Conspiracy Guy Show #34: Proof continues to mount that the meeting between Donald Trump, Jr., and a Russian lawyer (who was not connected to the Kremlin) was set up by Ron Goldstone, with an email that laid out all the elements the MSM has been using to pillory Jr. and the President, none of which has any substance. It even turns out that Loretta Lynch, who seems to have played a major role in several of these controversial events, allowed Natalia Veselnitskaya into the country without a visa under "extraordinary circumstances" and let her remain until the meeting with Jr. six months after her right to be here had expired. The Clinton "death list" continues to expand with those of Klaus Eberwein, former Director General over Haiti's Economic Development Agency, who was scheduled to testify this week about the Clinton Foundation, where he was outspoken about Hillary and Bill's corruption. Attorney Elizabeth Beck ties some loose ends relating the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, to Dick Cheney and other heavy hitters and the death of Peter Smith. The MSM has declared war on the alt media, where its techniques include "fake news" that is mostly truthful (about 9/11) and the use of and YouTube to take down revelations about Sandy Hook and other events, which makes them accessories after the fact to fraud and theft by deception.

July 12, 2017  
Conspiracy Guy Show #33: The hysteria in the MSM over the Donald Trump, Jr., emails reflects the massive corruption of the mainstream, which is promoting propaganda and disinformation on behalf of the CIA to promote a "soft coup". Reviewing the exchange, it becomes apparent that this is one more "nothing burger", where even The New York Times now publishes articles about content that it has never seen. The lawyer, while Russian, had not connection to the government and had no information about Hillary Clinton to share. Robert Barnes, a California-based trial attorney who specializes in Constitutional, criminal and civil rights law agrees with Alan Dershowitz that Donald Jr. has committed no crime. Period. Which means that, once again, we have a litmus test for the integrity of the media: those who are promoting the "Russian hacking" meme are betraying the trust of the public. A new study from "The Forensicator" shows that the computer files allegedly hacked by "Guccifer" were downloaded locally using a USB, which obliterates the Russian hacking narrative completely. Studies from State of the Nation explain what's behind all the fabricated Russia hysteria as a crucial element in the unprecedented domestic "soft coup" being run by the CIA against the President of the United States, where the outcome will have vast consequences for the US and the world.
July 6, 2017  
Conspiracy Guy Show #32: Putin confronting Trump over rampant pedophelia in the US, especially among the political elites. (Putin has banned the adoption of Russian children by US parents to protect them from sexual abuse.) Brat Pitt has laid out the problem from Hollywood to Washington, D.C., where children are used as bartering chips and manipulated to promote power and control across the nation. And Hillary brought pressure to bear on NBC to terminate coverage of a pedophile scandal in the Department of State. John Brennan and James Clapper used "THE HAMMER" to spy on millions of Americans, including Donald Trump. Chomsky observes that our "Russia hacking" hysteria is making the US into the laughing stock of the world, where Rachel Maddow goes overboard about unsubstantiated Russian attempts to influence our election, when we have US troops in Syria to depose its own elected leader--one of over 80 coups the US has engineered around the world! What more do we need to prove that these network anchors are promoting fake news though their abused of the media, where the alternative appears to be gaining ground and the mainstream losing.