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February 1, 2017  
The Conspiracy Guy #10: The furor over Trump's travel ban demonstrates far beyond any doubt the incompetence and corruption of the mainstream media and of Democrats in Washington, D.C. They denounce him for taking an unconstitutional action that is clearly illegal and immoral, raising the most serious questions about whether federal office holders are going to be loyal to the President or to the Constitution. But these claims have no foundation in the law. US Code 1182--"Inadmissible Aliens"--gives the President sweeping authority to ban the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens when he determines that it would be in the interests of the United States. It was passed in 1952 by a Democrat Congress and signed by a Democrat President. Yet even Sen. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Dianne Feinstein have denounced the President for his reckless and unconstitutional act, when it is nothing of the kind. A more stunning example of the duplicity of the press would be difficult to find. Looking back at the inauguration crowd size issue and attempts to debunk the issue of voter fraud are among many indications that we are being subjected to a "color revolution", where what happens is presented as if it were a popular uprising (as in the case of Ukraine) when it is actually being manipulated behind the scene by powerful forces who want to promote their own political agenda. Because a new administration is most vulnerable during its transition into office, this massive assault on the legitimacy of Trump's election has been launched now, which makes this the most fascinating episode in recent American history. 
January 25, 2017  

The Conspiracy Guy #9: The President-Elect evaded assassination during his inauguration, but not for lack of trying. Additional evidence has emerged that reinforced my expectation that he would be taken out. Melania made a great impression and has even drawn comparisons with Jackie for style and fashion. His inaugural speech was an uncompromising declaration of war upon the D.C. establishment, as Gary North and Paul Craig Roberts have observed. While its former Director, John Brennan, may be gone, the agency has had 70 years to entrench itself within the government and the mainstream media, where, were there truth in labeling, "CNN" ought to be designated instead "CIA". Trump will be the President of the United States most subject to attempted assassinations. The Brewhaha over attendance at the inauguration represents yet another instance of the mainstream press' ongoing war, where Sean Spicer was right insofar as (1) the photo comparisons were using pre-inauguration images in contrast to those taken at the time of the event and (2) world-wide coverage via television meant that this was the most widely viewed inauguration in history. The Women's March turns out to have been heavily funded by George Soros, who's interference in the political activities of other nations makes him a prime candidate for prosecution under The Logan Act, unlike Mike Flynn, who was making conventional contact with his Russian counterpart on the same day that Obama sent 35 Russian diplomats packing on the basis of fabricated claims of "Russian hacking" compounded by a fake "Russian dossier" about The Donald.

January 18, 2017  

The Conspiracy Guy #8: The internet swirls with speculation that the CIA is going to take out the President-Elect of the United States prior to or during his inauguration. As stunning as it sounds, the threat appears to be real. The intelligence agencies have been attacking Trump on the basis of a fabricated "Russian dossier" that was created as "fanfiction", which no one, much less the leaders of US intel agencies, ought to have taken seriously. And the claims of Russian hacking of the election likewise have no foundation: those DNC emails were not hacked but leaked, apparently by Seth Rich, the IT guy for the DNC, out of disillusionment with the sabotage of Bernie Sander's campaign. Craig Murray, an intelligence analyst, UK ambassador and college head, evidently received them from him and gave them to Julian Assange, where Murray and Assange both deny any Russian involvement and where Rich appears to have paid for his act of supererogation with his life. But reliance upon fabricated documents by US intel agencies may be exceeded in hubris by the use of yet a third Hillary Clinton body-double, this one far better than either the "Meg Ryan" double used the day of her collapse at the 9/11 Memorial event and the "Meryl Streep" double used a few days later, where this third double has been identified in a new study using (what is known as) "eye-teeth ratio" to discriminate between them (where they have other obvious differences, once you realize the deception). And Hollywood propaganda continues unabated with the release of "Patriots Day", a fictional reconstruction of the Boston bombing, but one in accord with the official account, which I dissect, piece by piece, during the second half of the show.

January 11, 2017  

The Conspiracy Guy #7: During the Golden Globes Award ceremony, Meryl Streep lampooned Donald Trump for one of his untoward statements, where he has made many. But she was playing to the choir. Would it not have been more appropriate to promote coming together to support the new administration, which was the outcome of the election? There are many reasons why she should have considered other options that would have been more constructive in bringing the nation together, especially given the ways in which the election was rigged, not for Donald but for Hillary. The latest revelations from the FBI about her use of an insecure server (for which she did not have evan a password) include 81 email chains that were transmitted and stored on her server that included CONFIDENTIAL and even TOP SECRET/SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM (the highest level) sent between 2009-2013. There were many indications during the campaign that something was not right, including the use of body doubles after her collapse following the 9/11 Memorial service in New York. Hollywood should have been all over that. Moreover, killing Osama bin Laden has been touted as among the "Top 10" achievements of the Obama administration, but it, too, was a political stunt, where Osama died on 15 December 2001 in Afghanistan and had to be resurrected to die a second time, which was memorialized in the film, "Zero Dark Thirty", which wiped questions about his birth certificate from public attention and positioned him for his triumphal reelection.

January 4, 2017  

The Conspiracy Guy #6: Valerie Jarrett, an aide to President Barack Obama, has declared that the Obama administration is proud to have been "free from scandal" during his eight years in office. That turns out to be pure propaganda, easily refuted by a review of the scandals that have dominated his administration, some of which are personal, most of which are political. Since they include a host of staged events--from Sandy Hook to the Boston bombing to Orlando and Dallas--I begin with the purported shooting in Charleston, SC, where Dylann Roof is about to be sentenced for a crime that appears to be one more in a long list of "fake news" stories coming from the mainstream media. I then turn to the history of scandals during his administration, including that ISIS was "Made in the USA", that the Director of the CIA is a Saudi mole, that there was no Russian "hacking", that our voting machines are not linked to the internet, that the DNC leaks were provided to Julian Assange by Craig Murray, that the election appears to have been rigged for Hillary, that Barack Obama and even Nancy Pelosi appear to be personally implicated in the PizzaGate scandal, that he has been bringing in more and more Muslims and dismantling the registry created to track them in the wake of 9/11 and more, demonstrating that the Obama administration has reeked with scandal from its promising beginning to its bitter end, a disappointing legacy from a man for whom I voted twice.

December 28, 2016  
The Conspiracy Guy #5: Imagine my surprise to discover that Wayne Madsen, whom I have touted as our nation's leading investigative journalist, was going after anyone who thinks that Orlando was a hoax as well as the most recent research in JFK (as to whether the man who shot Lee Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Department may have been an FBI agent impersonating Jack Ruby), which he has dismissed out of hand. In the case of Orlando, it is because he has neighbors who have kids who have told them that they have heard other kids died there; and in the case of Jack Ruby, because he knows a reporter who was there and told him that Jack had brushed past him to shoot Lee. But that appears to be a flimsy basis in either case: third-hand testimony, in the one case, and a reporter who may have been fooled, in the other. After all, we have all been fooled, if the proof that Ralph Cinque has adduced pans out--and, from my study thereof, it looks persuasive to me. Even Paul Craig Roberts, our nation's leading public intellectual, has expresses sweeping reservations about the Orlando story, which doesn't add up. Since Obama has now signed a law that will enable the government to take down and even prosecute those who publish "fake news", will they go after the mainstream media, which is its principal purveyor?
December 22, 2016  
The Conspiracy Guy #4: It has been astonishing to see a conspiracy theory being touted by the Director of the CIA to attempt to sway Trump electors from casting their votes for the candidate who won their states, but the evidence shows that he has been aided and abetted by The Washington Post, The New York Times and even the President of the USA. So a conspiracy theory has been used to promote a conspiracy to deny the American people their choice to succeed Barack Obama. The motivation for this extraordinary effort, moreover, appear to be corrupt, including suppressing information emerging about what (I predict) will become the greatest scandal in the history of the United States. And should the statements from Rudy Giuliani turn out to be fake, as some suggest, their content otherwise appears to be accurate and true. 
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December 15, 2016  

NEW SHOW ALERT: The Conspiracy Guy – 12.14.16

The Conspiracy Guy #3: The atrocities of 9/11 were not as they have been presented to the American people through THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT (2004) and other venues. None of the 9/11 aircraft, for example, appear to have crashed on 9/11, where two were not even in the air and the other two were not taken out of service until four years later. A review of the evidence, in including research by Pilots for 9/11 Truth, confirms that this was a scam on the public, intended to motivate becoming involved wars in the Middle East to take out the modern Arab countries that were serving as a counterbalance to Israel's domination of the region. Once understood, the importance of being able to sort out reality from illusion becomes apparent, where the alternative media has been the primary source of real news and the mainstream of fake.
December 12, 2016  

The Conspiracy Guy #2: The Sandy Hook event was a cleverly contrived psyop to instill fear into the American people to make us more amenable to manipulation in promoting the Obama political agenda with regard to gun control and mental health programs for children. Sandy Hook Elementary could not have been legally operating in 2014 because the school was not compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. It had been closed by 2008, which means tjat there were no children for Adam Lanza to have shot. Dozens of lines of argument lead to the conclusion that this was a two-day FEMA drill, with a rehearsal on the 13th, going LIVE on the 14th. Once you see through the scam, you will not be easily deceived again. 

December 1, 2016  
The Conspiracy Guy #1: Background on how "The Conspiracy Guy", Jim Fetzer, was drawn into research on politically significant events where the government might have motive, means and opportunity to mislead the American public about what took place. It began with watching George Lundberg, M.D., the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the AMA, attacking everyone who had done serious research on the assassination of JFK and characterizing Oliver Stone's film, "JFK", as "docu-fiction", which convinced him that, if someone of his standing were abusing his position for political purposes, then perhaps some of us with special background and abilities ought to be come involved.

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